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Riding around 600 km/month all winter long on the trainer or in gym, with strength training 3 times a week and running twice a week.
I've been looking at lots of races to do this summer (2018) but haven't confirmed any as of yet. Would like to do a half ironman and a few smaller triathlons. Also a half marathon or even an Ultra running race.

I've been almost dared to do the Sinister 7 this year but have not let on one way or another what I would like to do. It would be extremely difficult, and would take enormous strength and endurance to be able to even finish it. Definitely need to get some longer runs in more frequently and see where it goes by January....
I'm also thinking of starting up a running or cycling club this year. Haven't put the word out yet but could run and bike once a week as a group.

Training alone can sometimes get very boring quickly!