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Speednutz Sports

Back in around 2002 I had this vision of putting on a triathlon out at Half Moon Lake just east of Sherwood Park, AB. With the help of my family and a few very dedicated friends we decided to list it and put down a plan. It was very stressful but I knew that if I could put together, from all the racing that I have done over the years, everything that I liked and kept the things I disliked out, plus add my own touch, I could have something very special here that athletes would enjoy!

That is what really started this website! Since 2003 we have put on 11 very successful and fun races in Half Moon Lake, Wetaskiwin and Miquelon Lake. At this time we have taken some time off from putting on triathlons but still continue to train and race.

Thanks for all your support, and we shall see you at the races!